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Written by admin on October 6th, 2008


Live a unique and unforgettable experience. Spend the night at the observatory of the Pic du Midi with scientists and learn about stars, our Solar System and the Universe. At 3000m of altitude, the Pic du Midi (Midday Pic) is the highest observatory in Europe. High above the clouds, admire the sunset, the stars, and the sunrise. You will share the lives and work of scientists for a few hours and learn the basics of astronomy whilst getting the best views of our Solar System. You will learn how to look at the sky, to read the constellations and to admire the planets. This experience is unique, and will leave a permanent imprint on your mind.  

  • Course of the experience : (from 16h30 to following day 12h) Day 1 : rendez-vous at 16h30 at the cable car of La Mongie. Climb and installation. Observation of sunset from the large terrace of 600 m2. Visit the museographic site. Observation evening lasting 2.5 hours, with observation with the finest instruments. Learn to read and use of sky map. Admire celestial objects.Day 2 : observation of sunrise. Visit the 2 m telescope  and the coronagraphs. You will be guided by passionate professionals, part of a structure recognised by the French Astronomy Association for its professionalism and competence. The instruments used for observations are exceptional and some of the finest, such as the biggest binocular in the world, the binocular Takahashi125/1000, and the telescope Dobson of 500mm.  
  • Your room :   You have the privilege to spend one night at the Pic du Midi. Rooms are simple single room.    
  • Participants : The number of participants is 15 people maximum.  
  • Conditions et restrictions : Astronomic knowledge is not required.To be over 18 years old.Astronomers may have various levels of English. Some may be fluent, others are beginners.  
  • Weather : We cannot guarantee clear weather.  Two events may occur:Weather conditions do not allow you to get up to the Pic du Midi (too windy for example): the supplier will inform you as soon as he knows that the experience is cancelled and the supplier will suggest other dates. You can then either accept the reschedule or ask for a refund of the experience.The access to the Pic du Midi is possible, but weather conditions do not allow observing the skies properly. The supplier will then change activities for others. No refund, partial or total will be made.  
  • Location : Pic du Midi, Hautes Pyrénées, France Acces by car : Tarbes, Lourdes. Access by train: PauAccess by air: direct flights to Pau from London (Ryanair)  
  • Dates :  This experience is available from January to end of November.

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