Hummer driving experience in Paris

Written by admin on November 5th, 2008


When in Paris, do something different. Forget the Tower and the Champs Elysées, try something a little bit more dirty! Enjoy an American Hummer H1 4×4 driving experience near Paris. Enjoy an extraordinary day with your friends at the wheel of a Hummer H1. Discover this exceptional American 4×4, appreciate its capacity and its abilities to jumper over obstacles. Adrenaline, big thrills and pleasure to drive off road guaranteed. An American 4×4 Hummer H1 driving experience is an exceptional and unforgettable adventure. Go off in search of adventure on board this mythic car. This is a truly fun experience and the chance to do something different when in Paris.   Course of the experience : American 4×4 Hummer H1 driving experience (1/2 day) 

  • Meeting with your professional instructor around a snack.
  • Presentation of the Hummer H1 and description of the trek. (Approx 15mn).
  • During this ½ day, 3 people will take their seats in an American 4×4 and each have a turn at driving it in accordance with instructions given by supervisory staff. The time of driving depends on each participant’s abilities and desire. (Approx. 2h).
  • On the drive, participants will learn how to use navigational tools and will be marked on their ability to understand, interpret and use a road book and a compass. Depending on the objectives of the drive, other exciting challenges such as 4×4 slalom, obstacles to clear and treasure hunts may be included.
  • Each time you return on the road, the instructor will drive again the Hummer H1. 
  • Your American 4×4 Hummer H1 :The Hummer H1 is become famous by the pictures of the Gulf war. It has been placed at the disposal of customers who wanted the perfect cross country car. There are only 12,000 copies of the American Hummer H1 over the world and only 100 in France.  
  • Conditions and restrictions : You must hold a valid driving licence. 

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