Dive under the ice in the Alps

Written by admin on November 18th, 2008


Live a unique, magic and extreme experience. Dive under ice. Discover a sensational world in the heart of French Alps. Admire bubbles and lights underwater, and enjoy those moments that you will find almost unreal. Pure magic. 

Course of the experience : ice diving experience (approx. 2 hours) 10 am : arrival at the chaletSupplying of equipment (polar clothes and diving suit)Join the diving site by snowmobileBriefing about the ice diving experience (underwater behaviour and communication)Enter into water and dive for approx. 20 minutesTwo instructors coordinate the experience on site (one under water, the other on the surface)After the ice diving experience : return at the chalet for well-deserved hot drinks and cakesCertificate. Possibility to buy pictures The diving site is 7m deep, has 40 up to 120 cm of ice and 3 light wells, linked by a wire. The diver will have a tether. 

Participants : This ice diving experience is enjoyed in small groups. 

Conditions and restrictions : This ice diving experience is opened to everybody, divers and non-divers from 16 years old. 

Dates : This ice diving experience is available from December to April. 

Location : Orcières, Hautes-Alpes, PACA, France 

Price : About 69 Euros incl. VAT   

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