Ice Climbing Waterfall, French Alps

Written by admin on December 10th, 2008


Enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience, go ice climbing. Follow the guide, he will take you to the heart of the Vercors to climb an iced waterfall. In total safety, savour the magic and the beauty of petrified waterfalls and wonderful ice sculptures. Climb from big thrills to big thrills.  

  • Course of the experience : ice climbing in Vercors France (½ day); You will be greeted by professional and skilled instructors. Briefing about material and security conditions. Start ice climbing and simply enjoy.


  • Participants : This ice climbing experience is done in small group up to 5 people.


  • Conditions and restrictions : You must be able to practice sport and be in good health conditions. This ice climbing experience depends on favourable weather conditions.


  • Dates : This ice climbing experience is available during winter (generally from December to March).


  • Location/ Near Grenoble.


  • Price : About 175 Euros per person

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