Fly a fighter jet just north of Paris!

Written by admin on February 11th, 2009


If travelling to Paris, there is something extraordinary to do just 45mn north of the French capital: a jet fighter experience! Get onboard the mighty Fouga Magister, and experiment up to 5 Gs in horizontal, vertical and oblique flight. See the ground evaporate at high speed and low-level flight.

Course of the flying experience : fly a jet fighter near Paris in France (allocate half a day)

You will arrive at the airport where you will meet our pilot.
He will brief you on the flight, plan instruments, manoeuvres as well as security and emergency procedures.
You will be geared up.
Then, take-off and enjoy! Flight time is 30 minutes. The pilot can even let you fly the plane if you can handle it.
A debriefing session will be organised after the flight.
Then we will celebrate with champagne if you still have strength left to lift your glass. You will also be presented with a diploma to remember this day.

The flight will be recorded on a camera from the cockpit to immortalise this unique moment.

The pilots: They have full military and civilian credentials, with many years of experience in the French Air Force.

The aircraft: Fouga Magister. The plane is maintained in strict accordance with Air regulations.

Participants and guests :

You are the only one with the pilot in the plane. You can have one to two guests.

Conditions and restrictions :

No previous flying experience is required.
You must not have any heart problems or neurological problems.
You must be over 15 years old. You must also be less than 2 metres tall (6.5ft).
Participants are advised to be well rested for the day of the flight and to avoid alcohol the previous day. Motion sickness is possible but unlikely.
This experience takes place in most weather conditions. Rescheduling due to weather conditions is rare. A confirmation of weather conditions will be done a few days prior to flight time.

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