Go wine tasting near Strasbourg

Written by admin on February 20th, 2009


Strasbourg is an attractive city. With its canal circling the town, its traditional architecture and Christmas market, Strasbourg brings many tourists in its walls. And as soon as you leave the city you will find either forests, or vineyards, as the area is home to some of the famous French white wine. They bare Alsatian names, such as Gewürztraminer, or Riesling, and are too often less regarded as the Bordeaux area. So next time you are in Strasbourg, why not taste some these wines.

Go wine tasting very near Strasbourg, in the heart of the wine region. Discover the techniques to taste wine. Learn about reading, smelling and tasting during this 2h30 wine tasting session with the guidance of a professional oenologist.

This wine tasting course will teach you about:  Tasting techniques: learn to look, smell and taste. Fun games will help to keep the techniques with you. You will also learn about the specific vocabulary. Learn about the interpretation of wine: learn from the coulours, the smell, the legs… learn about the balance of wines.  Vines: learn all about vines. This experience takes about 2h30 and is available all year round.

This wine tasting experience costs about 45 euros per person.

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