Jetfighter flight in Bordeaux

Written by admin on May 25th, 2009


Fly a jet fighter – get on board one of the most popular jet trainers in the world: the L39 Albatros. Experience the tremendous power of this unique fighter jet.

Course of the fighter jet experience : Fly the L39 Albatros jet fighter (allocate a day)

Arrive on site in the morning
You will be greeted by your pilots. A first briefing will get you to know the plane and flight plan…
Once suited and geared up (G suit, flyboots, helmet and gloves), get to the plane for another briefing on security and instruments
Engines on… and take off for an unforgettable experience .. duration: 30mn flight
You are filmed from a camera in the cockpit.
After the flight, debriefing with the pilot and a certificate is given to you.

The pilots: They are highly qualified with many years of experience.
The aircraft: L39C Albatros; Trainer jet fighter. Built in the 70s by the Czech, the aircraft can sustain up to 8 positive Gs and 4 negative Gs. Maximum speed: Mach 0,8.

Participants and guests :
You are the only one with the pilot in the plane. You can have one to two guests.

Conditions and restrictions :
No previous flying experience is required.
Medical certificate for aerial sport required.
You must be over 15 years old. You must also be less than 1.95 metres tall. Weight between 50 and 110 kgs.
Participants are advised to be well rested for the day of the flight and to avoid alcohol the previous day.
This experience takes place in favourable weather conditions. The experience is rescheduled in case of unsuitable weather conditions.

Dates :
This experience is available all year round.

Location :
Bordeaux, south west France

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