Canyoning in Provence

Written by admin on July 28th, 2009


Enjoy a Canyoning experience in the south of France. You will progress through the river and will discover the beautiful landscapes of the south of France. Slide, dive and swim in translucent water, jump down in waterfalls. You will be guided by professional monitors (climbing monitors and high mountain guides). Discover new sensations.

You can choose your experience between 3 different levels which are three different areas of Provence: Cramoussi, the Bollène, the Barbaira or the Maglia

Level 1
Cramassouri (The Courbaisse, Tinée’s vallon) : Very aquatic and very easy experience, perfect for a first canyoning experience
Duration : 3 hours (1,5 to 2 hours in water)
Depart : 9.00 am or 13.00 pm

Level  2
La Bollène (Lantosque, The Vésubie’s vallon) : Very aquatic with plenty of jumps and slides
Duration : One day (3 to 4 hours in water)
Depart : 8.30 am

The Barbaira (Rochetta, Italy, Nierva’s vallon) : Wonderful landscape and a typical Italian restaurant in the end.
Duration : One day (3 to 4 hours in water)
Depart : 9.00 am from the Italian border

Level 3
La Maglia  (Breil’s/ Roya) : For very sportive people and wonderful landscape.
Duration : One day (4 to 5 hours in water)
Depart : 8.30 am

Participants and guests :
This experience is to be booked for 5 people but can be shared up to 8 people.

Conditions and restrictions :
You need to know to swim
This experience takes place in most weather conditions. Rescheduling due to bad weather conditions is possible.

Dates :
This experience is available from April to October.

Location :
Côte d’Azur, PACA,  France

Price : from 50 euros

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