Wine tasting in Marseille

Written by admin on December 7th, 2009


Learn how to best marry food and wine for the perfect meal. With the guidance of a professional, and during a gastronomic dinner specially made for the course, learn the techniques of tastes and how to best ally wines with your meals. You will also benefit from the expert knowledge of the sommelier on the techniques to taste wine.

Course of the wine tasting and gastronomy experience in Marseille :

Acquire and « master » the specific vocabulary of wine tasting.
Develop your senses to improve and enhance your wine tasting abilities: sight, smell, taste and learn how to determine their role in the tasting process.
Taste 4 different wines during the course of dinner. Understand how tastes marry and react together to deliver a feast in taste.
This is an enjoyable gastronomic dinner.

Participants :
This wine tasting experience takes place in small groups.

Dates :
This wine tasting experience is available all year around weekdays.

Location :
Marseille, France.

Price :
95 euros (all tax incl.)
The price included for 1 person: A wine tasting and gastronomic dinner.

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