Fly the L39 Albatros fighter jet in Bordeaux

Written by admin on February 13th, 2010

Fly fighter jets in france 

Fly the L39 Albatros fighter jet in Bordeaux, south west France. This truly amazing experience will get you in the skin of a fighter pilot! A never achieved young boy dream for some, or for those simply looking for thrills and adrenaline, this fighter jet experience is for you. After getting suited up in your G suit, following the technical and security briefing, get in the military jet plane for a 30mn or 60mn jet ride over the beautiful landscape of south west France. This fighter jet will get you up to 6Gs, if you can handle it.

What happens on the day? You are first greeted by the pilots, French airforce officers who will first give you a technical and security briefing. Then you are suited up and you get in the plane. The fighter pilots will brief you on the instruments and radio communications. Then it’s off to lunch! Apparently it is better to have something in the stomach to sustain G Force and the adrenaline. In the afternoon, you will fly. The flight plan depends on weather conditions but usually takes you over the famous Dune of Pyla, the Arcachon Basin and the vineyards of St Emilion.

The fighter jet flight: after take-off, your pilot will check how you feel before starting doing evolutions such as loops, barrels, inverted flying and other funny things. The most important is they will fly according to your G tolerance so that this fighter jet experience is enjoyable. There can be restrictions to flying fighter jets, especially heart and neurological problems. Check with your GP or the fighter pilots before going or booking. You can find additional information on flying the L39 Albatros in France with the pilots themselves who have set up a website. You can also check the fighter jet specialist if you would like to fly other fighter jets in France and in the world.

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