Weekend in Haute Loire at Les Deux Abbesses

Written by admin on June 22nd, 2011


Lava from volcanoes sculpted the magnificent landscapes of the Midi de l’Auvergne, creating a fabulous setting for this fairytale hotel. The heart of this Auvergne lodge, consisting of a dozen restored cottages, is the little 12th century château which sits above the village perched on a basalt spur, between two rivers. Once you cross the threshold of the austere walls, the dreamlike ambience created in each cottage beckons you to a wonderland: La Grange and its canopy made from birch trunks, straight out of an imaginary forest, or La Cabane with its bathroom hewn from lava. This place evokes a child-like wonder where emotion reigns supreme.

The entire hotel is actually a small village and creates a unique concept combining total independence of service with the warmth and personality of a friendly home.

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This is a fantastic hotel to discover, in a stunning environment. To discover more: http://www.lesdeuxabbesses.com

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