Wine tasting in Marseille

Written by admin on September 22nd, 2011


Learn all there is to know about wine tasting in the beautiful city of Marseille. The wine tasting session focuses on developing your senses to better appreciate the wine tasting itself. Your will be taught how to read, smell and taste wine. These wine tasting courses take place each Saturday with a professional oenologist.

Course of the wine tasting experience in Marseille. Acquire and « master » the specific vocabulary of wine tasting. Develop your senses to improve and enhance your wine tasting abilities: sight, smell, taste and learn how to determine their role in the tasting process. Smelling game. Then taste: you will taste 6 different wines with the comments of the oenologist and discuss vines, assemblage as well as know more about keeping wines.

This wine tasting in Marseille is done in small groups. It takes 3 hours and costs about 70 euros per person. Follow the link to know more or book this wine tasting in Marseille.

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