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Food and cooking holiday in Paris

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Go and explore the food of France. Enjoy a cooking holiday in France. This experience is done in Paris and organized by the travel specialist Tematis. This is a new cooking/food holiday, 6 days and 5 nights, that can also be tailor made according to your requirements. The basic principle of this cooking holiday in Paris is that you will cook… And actually you will cook many times, at Alain Ducasse’s school, at Le Nôtre, the famous pastry maker, and with Olivier Berté, a specialty chef focusing on molecular cuisine and gastronomy.


Further more you will be initiated to wine with a tasting and sampling. And to relax, a lunch cruise on the Seine River is also to be expected. This is one of the most complete food holiday one can find these days, all upmarket with great accommodation – I particularly like Pershing Hall near the Champs-Elysées. Here is what the brochure says about the Ducasse’s experience: This is a full day cookery class at the cooking school of one of the most chefs in the world, Alain Ducasse. You will learn cooking techniques, but also how to prepare some specific ingredients in order to accomplish fine and delicate recipes. Lessons are done in French but the chef speaks English. There is an English only lesson once a month. The cooking class is done in a friendly atmosphere in small groups of people who love to share their passion for food. The class is delivered by a talented chef working with Alain Ducasse. The school is located in the upscale 16th district of Paris. And another one about the wines: The wine tasting course lasts for 2h30. Enjoy a wine tasting course in Paris. Initiate yourself or become an expert in the pleasure of wine tasting, in a prestigious school with a modern décor and an exceptional library of rare wines. In a friendly atmosphere, learn all about wine with a wine expert. The wine tasting class includes both theory and tasting. About five wines are tasted per session. Wines are chosen for their typicality. You will be given helpful tools: you will receive a pack with detailed notes of the session as well as a tasting book, the list of the wines tasted. Various wine themes are proposed through the year. Choose depending on your level and wishes: Learn to taste / Select your wine according to your meals / Wine regions such as Bordeaux wines… Check out Tematis website if you want to know more: http://uk.tematis.com/food-cooking-holiday-paris.html

Wine tasting in Marseille

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011


Learn all there is to know about wine tasting in the beautiful city of Marseille. The wine tasting session focuses on developing your senses to better appreciate the wine tasting itself. Your will be taught how to read, smell and taste wine. These wine tasting courses take place each Saturday with a professional oenologist.

Course of the wine tasting experience in Marseille. Acquire and « master » the specific vocabulary of wine tasting. Develop your senses to improve and enhance your wine tasting abilities: sight, smell, taste and learn how to determine their role in the tasting process. Smelling game. Then taste: you will taste 6 different wines with the comments of the oenologist and discuss vines, assemblage as well as know more about keeping wines.

This wine tasting in Marseille is done in small groups. It takes 3 hours and costs about 70 euros per person. Follow the link to know more or book this wine tasting in Marseille.

Hot air balloon ride in St Emilion

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011


Board a hot balloon and enjoy a magic and extraordinary experience. Fly over one of the most beautiful French regions and its vineyards. Enjoy from an exceptional balcony at 360° a sightseeing view on the Pomerol or Saint-Emilion vineyards. Unique sensations and rare pleasures are the key words of this experience.

Course of the experience : ballooning experience Bordeaux

At your arrival, you can participate to the preparation of the hot air balloon. Explanations will be given from the beginning and during the entire flight by your pilot.
Admire the beauty of the landscape: vineyards, castles, towns…
The hot air balloon takes off in general from Artigues de Lussac aerodrome, or from mountain regions, or from Saint-Emilion. The ideal situation of these 2 sites will allow you to fly over prestigious French vineyards : Pomerol, Saint Emilion, Fronsac, Lussac or Montagne.
During the whole flight (1H to 2H according to weather conditions), a car will follow the hot air balloon and operate your return to the site.

This hot air balloon experience costs about 215 euros per person and can be done all year round, although this experience is subject to weather conditions. Hence the best months are from April to late September.

Follow the link to book this hot air balloon ride in St Emilion.

Fly the L39 Albatros fighter jet in Bordeaux

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Fly fighter jets in france 

Fly the L39 Albatros fighter jet in Bordeaux, south west France. This truly amazing experience will get you in the skin of a fighter pilot! A never achieved young boy dream for some, or for those simply looking for thrills and adrenaline, this fighter jet experience is for you. After getting suited up in your G suit, following the technical and security briefing, get in the military jet plane for a 30mn or 60mn jet ride over the beautiful landscape of south west France. This fighter jet will get you up to 6Gs, if you can handle it.

What happens on the day? You are first greeted by the pilots, French airforce officers who will first give you a technical and security briefing. Then you are suited up and you get in the plane. The fighter pilots will brief you on the instruments and radio communications. Then it’s off to lunch! Apparently it is better to have something in the stomach to sustain G Force and the adrenaline. In the afternoon, you will fly. The flight plan depends on weather conditions but usually takes you over the famous Dune of Pyla, the Arcachon Basin and the vineyards of St Emilion.

The fighter jet flight: after take-off, your pilot will check how you feel before starting doing evolutions such as loops, barrels, inverted flying and other funny things. The most important is they will fly according to your G tolerance so that this fighter jet experience is enjoyable. There can be restrictions to flying fighter jets, especially heart and neurological problems. Check with your GP or the fighter pilots before going or booking. You can find additional information on flying the L39 Albatros in France with the pilots themselves who have set up a website. You can also check the fighter jet specialist if you would like to fly other fighter jets in France and in the world.

Wine tasting in Marseille

Monday, December 7th, 2009


Learn how to best marry food and wine for the perfect meal. With the guidance of a professional, and during a gastronomic dinner specially made for the course, learn the techniques of tastes and how to best ally wines with your meals. You will also benefit from the expert knowledge of the sommelier on the techniques to taste wine.

Course of the wine tasting and gastronomy experience in Marseille :

Acquire and « master » the specific vocabulary of wine tasting.
Develop your senses to improve and enhance your wine tasting abilities: sight, smell, taste and learn how to determine their role in the tasting process.
Taste 4 different wines during the course of dinner. Understand how tastes marry and react together to deliver a feast in taste.
This is an enjoyable gastronomic dinner.

Participants :
This wine tasting experience takes place in small groups.

Dates :
This wine tasting experience is available all year around weekdays.

Location :
Marseille, France.

Price :
95 euros (all tax incl.)
The price included for 1 person: A wine tasting and gastronomic dinner.

Book this wine tasting in Marseille

Learn to cook in Strasbourg

Saturday, November 28th, 2009


Learn to cook in Strasbourg, with one of the best chef, two Michelin starred Emile Jung. In his kitchen, learn to prepare dishes, benefit from the chef’s tricks and knowledge to prepare a complete meal. Then at the end of the class, simply enjoy the lunch you have just prepared.

Course of the experience – cooking class in Strasbourg:

Greeting by the Chef.
The chef, with you, will prepare a seasonal dish, with seasonal ingredients.
Cooking class with the Chef
Tasting your meal during the lunch

The cookery class starts at 8h30am and ends at 12h00 with the lunch, when every participants gather around the table to enjoy the meal.

Participants :
This cooking class takes place in small groups of maximum 20 people

Dates :
This cooking class is available all year around, each last Friday of the month.

Location :
Strasbourg, Alsace, France.

Price :
175 € incl.VAT.

Book your cooking lesson in France

Dinner and night at The Lido, Paris

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009


Spend an exceptional evening at the Lido, one the most famous revue, right on the Champs-Elysées. One of the most prestigious cabarets in the world, the Lido opens its doors for an incredible evening of fine food, dancing show and exceptional atmosphere. Enjoy the show with excellent seats as well as the food prepared by famous chef Philippe Lacroix.

This “Soirée Plaisir” package gives you access to exquisite food and a fantastic show.

Enjoy a breathtaking show with 70 artists, 600 costumes and 23 sets!

Course of the experience: dinner at Lido Paris (from 7pm to 11pm)

- Arrival at Lido for your dinner
- You will be seated at table
- Start dinner with a music ensemble
- The lights dim at 9pm for the show
- Show ends at 11pm

Date :
Dinner at Lido is available all year round.

Price: Around 140 Euros/person
The price includes:
- Fine food menu prepared by chef Philippe Lacroix including starters,
- main course,
- dessert,
- ½ bottle of Champagne Brut Lido Premier Cru or ½ bottle of wine

Book your night and dinner at the Lido

Dinner cruise on the Seine river

Monday, November 9th, 2009


Enjoy a cruise combining the pleasure of dining on the water and the live music performed by very talented artists. Discover the magic and the romanticism of the city of lights, Paris, on a cruise boat by night. Have dinner on an elegant lovely boat which guarantees a moment of real pleasure and entertainment. Float on the Seine and be prepared to have a very unique experience.
From the feet of the Eiffel Tower to the Library and back to admire the French statue of liberty, this dinner cruise on the Seine River will allow you to admire the most famous landmarks of Paris, whilst enjoying a delicious dinner prepared on the boat by the talented chef.

Discover Paris differently, during this dinner cruise.

Course of the experience: dinner cruise on the river Seine in Paris (2h30).

- Arrival at the dock. Priority check in.
- You will be seated at the bow of the boat in a VIP area where you can enjoy all the romanticism that offers Paris by night.
- The boat starts to cruise as you start your meal
- Enjoy the view of the greatest city of lights.
- You will back at the dock after a 2h30 dinner cruise
- Your menu includes appetizers, starters, main course and dessert. Fine food from fresh ingredients, prepared on site by the chef. The menu also includes mineral water, wine and coffee.
- Live music entertainment.

This lunch cruise on the Seine in Paris is available all year round

Price: 165 Euros/person
Price includes:
- Priority check in
- Seat at the bow of the boat in a VIP area
- Art of Table
- Dinner cruise on the Seine River in Paris (2h 30)
- Choice of appetizer
- Carte menu including starters, main course and desserts
- A plate of fresh selected cheese
- Wines: Mâcon Solutré, Saint-Estèphe
- Mineral water and coffe
- Choice of Digestive
- Dancing session

This lunch cruise on the Seine in Paris is valid 12 months from the date of purchase

Book your dinner cruise in Paris

Ice driving experience in the French Alps

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009


Master the secrets of ice driving. Learn driving techniques on the mythical circuit of “Trophée Andros”, in Serre Chevalier in the French Alps. In a friendly atmosphere, learn to be confident faced to slippery situations and feel the adrenalin.

Course of the experience: ice driving experience ( 4h30)
You will be greeted by a team of passionate and professional instructors
1st briefing : such as hands position on the wheel, foot mobility , mass transfers, turns, braking techniques, security advice…
Practice on the track cut by a second briefing to improve on driving techniques. On the track, you are two participants per car and drive one after the other next to an instructor who will provide all advices for you to push your limits and get a maximum of sensations.

The circuit: The famous circuit of “Trophée Andros” is 800 metres long, from 6 to 10 metres wide and 25 to 60 metres thick, with speed curves and straight lines for great sensations.

Participants :
There are two participants per car next to a professional instructor.

Conditions and restrictions:
You must hold a valid driving license.

Dates :
This ice driving experience takes places during winter period, from mid-December to mid-March.

Location :
Serre Chevalier, French Alps, France

Price: About 380 euros per person for half a day.

Book your ice driving experience

www.short-break-in-france.co.uk is your guide to finding your experience in France

Wine tasting experience in Lille

Monday, October 12th, 2009


Enjoy a wine tasting experience in Lille old city in the fine décor of a 4 star hotel. Initiate yourself or become an expert in the pleasure of wine. In a convivial mood, learn all about wine with an expert sommelier or oenologist.

Course of the experience : wine tasting in Lille (2H30)

- You will arrive on site and will be welcomed by a wine expert, sommelier or oenologist. The session includes both theory and tasting.
- About six wines are tasted per session. Wines are chosen for their uniqueness depending on the session you attend.
- You will be given helpful tools : you will receive a pack with detailed notes of the session as well as a tasting book, the list of the wines tasted, INAO glasses to get the right tools to taste.

Various wine sessions during the year are proposed : Learn to taste / Selecting your wine for your meals / Bordeaux wines / Bourgogne wines / Champagnes / New World wines / Rhone Valley wines.

Participants :

This wine tasting experience in Lille is done in group up to 25 people.

Conditions and restrictions :

For beginners, advanced or experts: sessions are adapted to your level.
Being over 18 years old.

Dates :

This wine tasting experience in Lille is available all year long, half day one Saturday a month.
First dates : November 2009.

Location :

Lille, North of France.

Price :

About 60 euros

The price includes for 1 person :
- A 2h30 wine tasting session in Lille.

Book your wine tasting experience in France