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Aerobatic flights in the north of France

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009


This weekend, come to the north of France and enjoy an aerobatic flight experience in Merville, near Lille. Experience the thrills of aerobatic manoeuvres at 1500 metres high. And if you can handle it, take the stick! A truly unique and amazing experience!

Course of the experience : aerobatic flight North of France (2h)

You are greeted by you pilot, passionate and very experienced. English speaking.
You are fully geared: flying suit, parachute and radio helmet
Briefing in the aircraft
Take off. Once at 1500 metres high, enjoy during 30 unique minutes the thrills of aerobatic manoeuvres which may include loops, rolls, stall turns, chandelles and steep turns. Your pilot will fly according to your reactions. He will also let you take the stick if you wish to.
The aerobatic experience will end with a diploma and a well deserved drink.

Participants :
You will be alone with the pilot during the aerobatic flight but a few guests can attend the flight from the ground.

Conditions and restrictions:
Medical certificate ensuring good physical conditions
To be at least 14 years old
Up to 1,90m and 90 Kg
This experience takes place in favorable weather conditions.

Dates :
This experience is available all year round.

Location :
Merville, Nord, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, North of France
40 mn from Lille

Price : about 250 Euros incl. VAT (price may change)
The price includes for 1 person: 1 aerobatic flight with insurance

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